• Study: 03

    Client: Shepard Financial

    Red. It’s a color with stopping power. But it’s not
    a color usually associated with any financial product,
    unless of course you’re Tom Shepard. A financial advisor
    determined to capture attention and change the way
    people think about money. His approach is all about
    helping clients understand how— like life— money evolves. It’s a relationship. A path. A journey. And Tom is out to set his clients on the path to evolution.

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  • Study: 02

    Client: Maine Winter Sports

    When it comes to skiing, it’s no secret that Maine has an abundance of great places to spend the day on the snow. But what happens when two of those areas want to reintroduce themselves to people who love to ski, but hate crowds and costs? Rebrand them. Relaunch them. Communicate an offer that skiers simply can’t refuse. A $150 Season’s Pass that gives access to five ski areas – downhill and Nordic. And $15 day passes all winter long. Black Mountain and Bigrock Maine.
    Ski them when you can. Now, what can we do for you?

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  • Study: 01

    Client: Cellardoor Winery

    Typically, wine makers are in business to sell wine. But Cellardoor Winery—more specifically its owner, Bettina Doulton—is anything but typical. While making and selling good wine is always on the “to-do list,” creating experiences for guests that become incredible memories tops the list. Cellardoor Winery is a brand and destination. So we took the time to truly understand Bettina’s mission for her business and dynamics of the industry. We developed a brand that would take root and grow. Live your life. Be who you are. Drink good wine along the way™.
    Now, what can we do for you?

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